3 coffee cocktail recipes for International Coffee Day

Kirsten Tibballs coffee

Australia’s coffee culture is literally like nowhere else in the world. And it can’t be beaten.

So, when people who know the best of coffee mixed with the best of alcohol tell you how to expertly mix the two, you know you need to pay attention.

Here are three awesome cocktail ideas to celebrate International Coffee Day, 1 October, this year, all courtesy of The Bottle Club.

  1. Biscoff Espresso Martini 

Just when you thought an espresso martini couldn’t get any better, behold the Biscoff espresso martini. Perfect for those looking to impress a date, or for a fun night in with friends…

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Credit: Instagram/ @balticmarket

What you’ll need: 

  • Ice
  • 2 oz. Vodka – The Bottle Club recommends Smirnoff’s espresso vodka
  • 2-3 oz. Lotus Biscoff sauce or spread (if you get the smooth spread we recommend you heat this up so it makes a lighter consistency for your martini. To do this you will need a small pan of boiling water and a bowl – melt as though you would butter)
  • Biscoff biscuits for topping 

How to make: 

Add the ice, vodka, coffee liquor and lotus sauce/melted spread together in your cocktail shaker. Shake it up, pour into a martini glass and enjoy. 

Alternatively, if you are in a rush then you can add Lotus Biscoff sauce to Bottleproof Espresso Martini in a cocktail shaker with ice. Bottle Proof pre-made cocktails are ideal for those having a last minute get together. 

  1. The Cold-Fashioned

If you’re more of a bourbon fan, then this punchy twist on the classic Old Fashioned uses trendy cold brew coffee along with coffee liqueur. Serve in a chilled rocks glass with an orange twist for the ultimate after-dinner treat. 


Credit:Unsplash / @Pylypsukhenko


20 ml Tia Maria (or any coffee liqueur)

40 ml Bourbon

20 ml Cold Brew Coffee

Orange twist


Fill a chilled glass with big cubes of ice and add your bourbon, coffee liqueur and cold brew. Use a spoon to stir it all together gently, so you don’t break the ice cubes up. Using a vegetable peeler, take a thin strip of orange zest and squeeze the aromatic orange oils all over your drink (you can rub the zest around the rim for a more intense flavour)  

  1. Espresso Tonic

Forget sipping on a gin and tonic after dinner, why not try an espresso tonic instead? Using just two ingredients, this is a brilliant alcohol-free way to get that espresso martini kick, without all of the booze; perfect if you’re the designated driver. 

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Credit: Unsplash/@mateusz-butkiewicz


100ml tonic water

50ml fresh espresso  


The ratio for an espresso tonic is 1:2 of espresso to tonic water, but this can be adjusted based on your preferences. 

Brew your espresso in a small jug or shot glass and let stand while you prepare your glass. 

Take a chilled glass and fill it with big cubes of ice. Pour the tonic water and let the bubbles settle before gently pouring your coffee on top. This will create a beautiful separation between the tonic and the coffee, perfect for an Instagram snap.