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Basic grooming for the ungroomed

Barber shaving

If you’ve never groomed before but you think it’s time to start taking a little extra care of yourself and how you look, take a look at these basic grooming tips which will see you looking effortlessly your best every day. Get to know your barbers Make sure when you visit your barbers that you book your next appointment while you’re there for roughly four weeks, and stick to it. Don’t wait for your hair to get messy and out of hand before doing something about it. Be proactive, not reactive!   Try different hair products The selection of hair products for men has increased a lot since the Brylcreem days, so make sure you’re clued up on what each product is for. Thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes and pomades, but if your hair’s thinner, then lighter products and sprays will give your hair some staying power. It’s all in the scent Aftershave should be a subtle part of your overall presence, don’t bother with owning 8-10 average quality bottles you pick from each morning at random, find one or two classic scents you like and invest in them. Your smile People notice your shoes and your smile. When it comes to your smile, it’s all about the teeth. Whether you need a trip to a Broadway Dentist or just a decent investment in an electric toothbrush to make sure your teeth and smile are on point. Also, make sure you use mouthwash after you brush first thing in the morning. Scrub your face Using a facial scrub in the… Read More