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How to get better results in the gym by working half as hard

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Athletes are in on it, bodybuilders are in on it, now we will let you in on the secret. See, when it comes to achieving your desired physique and fitness results, that does not mean that you slog yourself in the gym day in and day out. There is another way, and the reason athletes and body builders swear by it, is because they need results, but they can’t be fatigued, sore and exhausted come game day. Enter Blood Flow Restriction training, a method of training that has been used for over 40 years in elite circles, and and thanks to companies like SAGA Fitness, they are now becoming mainstream and more accessible for everyone else. SAGA Fitness’s parent company are the leaders in the field and they work with the likes of New Orleans Pelicans, Chicago Cubs, Melbourne Demons,  Brisbane Lions,  AC Sparta, Houston Dynamo, Houston Rockets, Aston Villa, and Duke University – to name a few. What is blood flow restriction training Blood flow restriction (BFR or also known as occlusion training) helps you increase the results of your strength training which means you can train half as hard and half as often but get some serious results. It is a highly researched training method that involves placing a band or torniquet around your arm or leg while performing low intensity exercise. This results in reduced blood flow from the working muscles, creating an oxygen mismatch which in turn accelerates type II muscle fibres and releases growth hormone. Meaning bigger muscle gains, less exhaustion from a hard heavy workout and less recovery time. Where does it come from? BFR was discovered in Japan in the 1960’s and… Read More