Home renovations: things to consider

Mother watching daughter hammer nail into wood trim

Home renovation is one way to ruin your summer. But if you’re careful, you might just get it right. You’ll need a giant pad and a sharp pencil. You’ll need friends and family to keep you on track. It won’t be easy alone. Also, you’re going to need work clothes (see https://fxdworkwear.com.au for options) to […]

Don’t forget these essential home renovation needs

Home renovation dog

When renovating our homes, we can often think of the finished project before anything else. Is this a problem? Not at all. Without a clear picture of what you hope to achieve, you’ll simply be painting in the dark until something comes together. Almost anyone can understand that this is a bad strategy. But when […]

Fixer-Upper or “Flipper-Upper”?

Man pruning tree

Money will dictate every single purchase we make in our home. But what about those people that have yet to buy their home? It can be easier to purchase a fixer-upper, but does this mean that we will spend more money getting it up to code? On the other hand, there are people who are […]

Home improvement ideas for summer

Home light white

With summer in Australia well and truly in full swing, it’s time to shake things up a little and get your teeth stuck into some simple DIY projects. Here’s some easy home improvement projects that will have a huge impact on your home so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine when it […]

5 tips for revitalising your home life

Mother watching daughter hammer nail into wood trim

When you’ve lived in one place for a long time, it can often become tiresome to wake up every day in the same surroundings. A once interesting and whimsical array of furniture and decorations fades into the background, and it becomes a real effort to appreciate your home for what it once was. This is […]