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5 tips to surviving the Aussie heat on the ultimate road trip

Holen Acadia beach

You know what’s good? Summer. You know what’s not good? Summer.  For a season we all love so much, it sure comes hand-in-hand with some sucky elements: you’re hot, you’re sweaty, you’re bothered. Sure,it makes some activities more pleasant, like swimming, picnics and whatever you decide to do in your social or personal life, but that’s where it ends; ’til now. The new Holden Acadia is the latest and greatest car/tank the car manufacturers have brought out. It comes with all the bells ‘n’ whistles you’d expect, as well as some you don’t, and single-handedly has the capacity to turn a hot and sweaty summer road trip around for you. Think music, space, light… you get the picture.  Here are five ways to turn a stinking hot summer car trip around this summer:  1.      Clean your car before the trip It doesn’t matter how relaxed you think your friends are about rubbish. Cleaning your car before a long trip is essential to everybody’s enjoyment and sets the tone for the rest of the drive. Empty Macca’s bags, plastic bottles chewing gum wrappers are the worst offenders. Every little thing you’ve thrown into the backseat because you couldn’t be bothered finding a bin? It’s time to go. Bonus benefit here is that your mates won’t be able to judge you for how many fast-food runs you’ve done in the past month. It’s okay – we won’t judge you either. The Acadia is large, yes, which means more to clean, but the beauty of a 7-seat beast like that is… Read More