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Beyond Cinema and Tanqueray unite to party like Gatsby

Beyond Cinema Curzon Gatsby Tanqueray 1

While F. Scott Fitzgerald may have written that you can’t repeat the past, for one night, Beyond Cinema did a pretty good job of it. Their latest in interactive, immersive cinema offerings was a screening of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby at Marsfield’s elegant and sprawling Curzon House, positively drenched with Tanqueray gin. Offering guests the chance to watch the film, dine on a three-course meal in Gatsby’s Great Hall, and be entertained by performers of all kinds – from acrobats to Charleston dancers – while sipping on Tanqueray cocktails and partying like Gatsby himself; The Great Gatsby joins Beyond Cinema’s other productions of Titanic and Alice In Wonderland as a night to truly remember. Tanqueray peppered Curzon House with four seperate bars, serving signature Gin Fresh Apple Martinis upstairs and classic gin and tonics on the lawn, while also offering guests the chance to mix moonshine with actors recreating the New Jersey underworld downstairs in the speakeasy bar. If your appetite for adventure wasn’t sated by viewing the film and then watching key scenes recreated live over dinner, you could join one of many swing and blues bands – or a DJ – for a spot of the Charleston yourself. Amongst all of this were contortionists, firebreathers, and even a lady in a martini glass – along with a whole crew of performers whose New Jersey accidents and on-key costumes were enough to make you think that you really had stepped back in time for a minute. If this all sounds like your cup… Read More