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German Gymnasium London: The bar’s doing autumn cocktails a la Game of Thrones

German Gymnasium cocktails 2

Look, we all felt the full force of the ending of Game of Thrones. We all wanted Cersei to be brutally murdered. We all wanted Jamie to be a bit more vindicated. We all wanted to get the real story about Bran, the Night King and the whole whack story. But for everything the show let us down on, German Gymnasium right next door to Kings Cross Station in London, is building us back up with – in cocktail form. For autumn in the UK, the bar is introducing four new cocktails to its menu: Stark’s Old Fashioned, a smooth and classic drink with Woodford Reserve, Mozart chocolate and chocolate bitters. Winter Is Coming, made with Woodford Reserve Rye, cherry brandy and vermouth, served in a stunning goblet emblazoned with the dire wolf. A Dance with Dragons – Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons’ fiery refreshment made with Jack Daniels, beer, ginger beer and elderflower; and lastly. A Song of Ice and Fire, a fruity and velvety concoction created for Queen Cersei Lannister, made with Jack Daniels Rye and served in the Queen’s golden goblet. Ans the drinks aren’t all, the venue is renowned for its fairly epic installations in the middle of the thoroughfare inside, and for this round, they’ve put a beautiful autumnal tree inspired by the Heart Tree in Game of Thrones, with matching weirwood trees upstairs in The Meister Bar and throughout the restaurant.  So though the story may be gone and told, it’s definitely not forgotten. These exclusive cocktails are available… Read More