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Enbacci’s new candle is scientifically proven to light up the room

Enbacci candles

Sometime during our mid-twenties, we begin to do away with all the trappings of early-twenties inner-city life. Milk crate furniture and unmatched dinner plates are disposed of in favour of purpose-bought chairs and tables, soft and cozy linens, and the ultimate grown-up item to have around the home: candles. Of course, candles do more than say, ‘I’m an adult who can be trusted with a naked flame’. They bring life to a room, add inviting and warm lighting, and tend to smell incredible. The latest offering by Enbacci is no different: it smells amazing, fresh and crisp, with no headache-inducing floral notes or sugary-sweet candy scents. It’s also really pretty; a giant, thick, chunky candle that you just know will burn forever. Based on the Enbacci Vitis Vinifera skincare range, it’s scientifically proven to enhance mood and create a sense of general happiness – no, really! Studies have been done that show 96% of people found the scent relaxing and familiar, and reported enhanced sensory benefits. While Enbacci is primarily known for their skincare range, which utilises plant stem cells to renew and refresh the skin; we think they’ve made a smart move by getting in to the candle business. There’s also an oil diffuser available containing the same scent: another adult item that your parents will be proud to see you own next time they come over. Some of us may still be stuck living the dodgy rental property life, but there’s no reason why we can’t make our houses feel like a home while we’re… Read More