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Edible Beauty: The products for your face that are good enough to eat

Skincare cream on the back of a hand

Mother’s Day might be done and dusted, but who says you’re only limited to getting her a gift one one specific day of the year? Edible Beauty is the new product for women – not just Mums – that’s changing the way we approach applying things to the face and doing it delicious style. It’s probably the first time you’ll see a make up brand admit, or encourage this, but their schtick that sets them apart from the mainstream beauty brands is that this stuff, you can eat. It’s been made and formulated in Australia from products that’ll nurture, protect and provide whoever she is with cleansed, moisturised and more youthful looking skin, naturally. Here’s a look at their full range. NO.1 BELLE FRAIS CLEANSING MILK  A gentle coconut milk cleanser that sweeps away surface impurities to leave skin feeling fresh, balance and hydrated. Get it for $59. NO.3 EXOTIC GODDESS AGELESS SERUM  A youth elixir for the skin, which works to enhance the skin’s plumpness, boost radiance and enhance the appearance of smooth the skin. Get it for $74. & SLEEPING BEAUTY PURIFYING MOUSSE A deliciously delicate purifying sleep mask designed to purify, balance oil production and brighten the skin for a radiant and rested complexion the next morning. Get it for $60. DEEP SEA COLLAGEN ELIXIR – PLUMP & REFINE An elixir of youth infuses the skin with a synergistic blend of sea botanicals, abundant in anti-ageing vitamins, amino acids, naturally occurring marine peptides and antioxidants. Get it for $60. Find Edible Beauty at ediblebeautyaustralia.com, Adore Beauty, Sephora Australia and Nourished Life Australia.