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Eco-friendly wines are here to stay: here’s why

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Are you a wine lover who’s also environmentally conscious? If so, you’ll be happy to know that eco-friendly wines are becoming increasingly popular. These wines are made using sustainable and organic farming methods that minimise the use of harmful chemicals and reduce carbon footprints. Eco-friendly wine production starts in the vineyard, where farmers use natural pest control methods such as crop rotation, cover crops, and composting. This approach ensures that the soil remains healthy, and the vines are protected without the use of pesticides or herbicides. In addition to protecting the environment, this method of farming also produces healthier grapes that result in better tasting wines. Organic wines are also made without artificial preservatives such as sulphur dioxide. Instead, vintners use natural processes to ensure that the wine is stable and can age properly. This means that organic wines are often fresher and have a cleaner taste than non-organic wines. Another option for eco-conscious wine lovers is biodynamic wine. Biodynamic farming takes organic farming a step further by incorporating spiritual and mystical practices into the production process. Biodynamic farmers use an astrological calendar to determine when to plant, prune, and harvest their grapes. They also use natural preparations such as manure, compost, and herbal teas to promote soil health and vine growth. If you’re looking for eco-friendly wine options, look for labels that are certified organic, biodynamic, or sustainable. These certifications ensure that the wine has been produced using environmentally friendly methods that meet specific standards. Some notable certifications include Demeter, USDA Organic, and Certified… Read More