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Disaronno and Diesel: When two iconic Italians collaborate


You can drink it straight, add a dash to your coffee, make cocktails with it and even add a splash to your G&T. With its almond base, Amaretto is one of those liqueurs that divides people. You’re either a fan, or not. And that’s okay, because that in itself is a great conversation piece over a tipple. But for those who love a traditional sweet Italian almond flavoured liqueur, you’ll want to consider having a bottle of Disaronno in the cabinet for those times you feel like a hit of sweet, sweet Italy.  Rich, but delicate, Disaronno is flavoured by a combination of herbs and spices that are then soaked in apricot kernel oil. And for something a little different, there is now a “Disaronno wears Diesel” – Limited Edition bottle run – with a bold, ironic style that shows Disaronno’s instantly recognizable logo wrapped in Diesel’s signature denim pattern. The design is a reflection of the brands shared approach towards creativity and originality.  While this isn’t the first Disaronno x Diesel partnership, there is a newly created ‘Disaronno wears Diesel’ cocktail to celebrate their latest collaboration.  INGREDIENTS: 50 ml Disaronno 20 ml Jamaica Rum overproof 30 ml Lime Juice 20 ml Passion Fruit syrup 8 Mint leaves Crushed Ice Mint sprig and raspberry METHOD:  Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the ingredients, shake vigorously and strain into a chilled glass filled with ice. Garnish with mint leaves and a single raspberry.

Italian liqueur Disaronno gets a fresh new outfit with Trussardi

Disaronno Trussardi bottle 3

The latest iteration of Disaronno’s limited-edition collection is here, with Disaronno collaborating with fellow Italian brand Trussardi to produce an iconic collector’s bottle. The mutual values of tradition, innovation, and Italian elegance are reflected in the collaboration, with the Disaronno bottle’s distinctive silhouette taking on Trussardi’s typical texture and greyhound logo, surrounded by delicate lashes of fuchsia, green, and blue. Arriving just in time for Christmas, the Disaronno Wears Trussardi bottle is the perfect gift for fashion enthusiasts looking to enjoy a tipple. In addition to the classic bottle, the Disaronno Wears Trussardi limited-edition collab comes in several gift box variations, including the ‘Celebrate in Style’ package which sees two champagne flutes joining the dressed-up Disaronno bottle. Disaronno’s collaboration with Trussardi marks the liqueur’s sixth year collaborating with a top designer, with past collaborations including the likes of Versace, Etro, and Moschino. “The Trussardi story is very much about innovation, discovery, the concept of fusion. In addition to strengthening the bond between two companies that epitomize the Italian spirit worldwide, designing the iconic Disaronno bottle underscores once again that Trussardi continues to be a 360° lifestyle brand,” says Tomaso Trussardi, CEO of Trussardi on the decision to collaborate with the liqueur brand. The #DisaronnoWearsTrussardi launch party at the Sydney Opera House certainly exuded elegance and tradition, with the event showcasing the versatile nature of the liqueur. Sartorially savvy Sydneysiders sipped on bespoke Disaronno concoctions created by mixologists from QT Hotels around the nation, whilst enjoying Australia’s first ever cocktail runway show. Disaronno’s unique flavour and… Read More