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Brazilian butt lift surgery vs. workouts: Which option is right for you?

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It’s no secret that shapely butts are in and are one of the most eye-catching curves of a woman’s body. Many women look into butt exercises and Brazilian butt lift surgery for similar reasons – to enhance what they already have.  A large percentage of women are not happy with the appearance of their buttocks. One of the most common complaints is that their butts are too flat. If you have been wishing that you had a more prominent and shapely behind, know that both workouts and surgery are viable options. However, they do produce slightly different results. This is what you need to know.  Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery: What It Entails Brazilian butt surgery at a cosmetic clinic such as Ritz Plastic Surgery uses the patient’s own fat to enlarge or enhance the shape of the buttocks.  To achieve this, fat is extracted from another area of the body using liposuction techniques. Once the fat has been cleaned, it is injected into the buttocks, where it is used to create the desired size and shape. What women really love about the fat transfer procedure is that it helps remove unwanted pockets of fat, leaving them with an hourglass figure that looks amazing in all the right places.  Pulling natural fat into the buttocks adds natural shape, volume and perkiness. Fat transfer can even be used to fill in any concaves and even out the appearance of the buttocks. If you are already happy with the volume, you can use the excess fat to improve… Read More