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Why Bulldog Skincare is good for your face and the planet

Bulldog Skincare Simon Duffy 1

When it comes to skincare targeted specifically at men, there are many, yes, but are they good enough? Putting them to the test over many years, you can unequivocally agree that ‘no’, most aren’t, but when you find one that’s worth barking about, you want to make it known. Bulldog Skincare is just that. Men’s best friend ? #bulldog #bulldogskincare @bulldogskincare A post shared by T H E F (@the_f_au) on Jun 16, 2018 at 8:52pm PDT Sure, it might be sold in a supermarket, but it’s accessible, easy, affordable and does the job without any of the bell ‘n’ whistles of the same products that cost hundreds. Founded by a guy with a dream, Simon Duffy, the Bulldog Skincare name was born and has gone from strength-to-strength, expanding its offering and improving its range to cater for people from all walks. “The idea for Bulldog Skincare For Men was born whilst I was shopping for skincare products for my wife. I was buying some of her favourite products when I noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options for men which contained natural ingredients. After thorough research and development, Bulldog Skincare For Men launched in the UK in 2007,” said Simon. It’s been a long road since then, but one that he’s adamant will always allow the products to stand out from the rest for a few reason: Bulldog’s products have been purpose built for men and aren’t just a men’s version of what was initially a woman’s product. Their formulations are highly effective… Read More