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Eat well without the worry: WW and chef Gary Mehigan show you how

Gary Mehigan WW

Australian chef, restaurateur and former MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan is a self-proclaimed pleasure seeker when it comes to food. Gary also says as he gets older, he finds it increasingly harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle surrounded by all that glorious food. This was particularly problematic during his time on MasterChef, gaining weight every season over the last ten years. Not only did he feel sluggish, but worse than that – he knew he was unhealthy. Gary wanted to buck the trend and choose a healthier approach to living. And he did.  Now a WW (Weight Watchers) Ambassador, Gary’s weight is the lowest it has been both during and after filming MasterChef. He says he took on the WW challenge to become healthier and feels more energised than ever.  Gary has recently released a WW cookbook called Bringing Flavour Home, which contains a collection of delicious recipes developed by Gary that don’t compromise on flavour or enjoyment.  For those with additional dietary needs, the recipes are usefully divided into categories such as gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and nut free.  But why not give it a go yourself. Here are two delicious recipes Gary has shared with us to give you a taster of just how good, healthy eating is!  Bringing Flavour Home is available for purchase online (RRP $15.95) Prawn & Mussel Curry Serves: 4  Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes “Most prawns in Australia arrive at the market or fishmonger’s frozen. There’s nothing wrong with this as they get frozen on the… Read More