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Amber Lane Distillery does well at World Spirits Competition

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In an impressive showcase of quality and craftsmanship, the Australian-based Amber Lane Distillery has once again swept up top honours at the highly regarded San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This distinguished event, known for its rigorous standards and esteemed panel of judges, has awarded Amber Lane with two remarkable medals— a Double Gold for its Pineau 350 whisky and a Gold Medal for the Apera 100 whisky. The accolade is particularly significant considering the scope of the competition. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is celebrated as the largest of its kind globally, drawing in over 5500 entries from across 30 categories this year alone. Winning entries, such as those from Amber Lane, are recognized for their exceptional quality, standing out as near pinnacles of achievement within the spirits domain. These recent wins mark a continuation of excellence for Amber Lane, replicating the success of the previous year which saw the distillery clinch a Double Gold Medal for its Apera 87 and a Gold Medal for Silk Road. Maintaining a 100% success rate with four gold medals from their entries in the past two years, Amber Lane Distillery has solidified its reputation for producing award-winning whiskies. The co-owner of Amber Lane Distillery, Rod Berry, expressed immense pride and gratitude for the international recognition. Since their market launch in 2022, every release from the distillery has garnered a national or international gold medal, underscoring the sustained excellence and innovation that Amber Lane brings to the whisky-making table. Based in Australia, Amber Lane Distillery has quickly emerged… Read More