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Where do you come from? Digging into your Ancestry is more than a hobby


Boredom during lockdown got you finding new things to do? You’re not alone. Plenty of people around the world have thrown a few dollars at Ancestry and busied themselves by digging back into their family history, grandparent-deep and beyond! As interesting as a pastime as it is to take-up, though, why do we all feel the need to know where we came from and just how easy is it, anyway, to get the info we’re after? We spoke to Brad Argent, family historian at Ancestry who gave us the truth about some burning questions. Why do people want to discover their past? There are many reasons that compel people to explore their family history; curiosity about how they came to be who they are and where they are, the desire to leave a legacy for future generations, busting family myths or just looking for a good yarn about their family. Everyone has their own motivation for beginning, but we all end up finding out more about ourselves. How hard is it to uncover some long lost family secrets for others?  The secrets are there – every family has them. For some it’s as simple asking a few pointed questions when talking to the oldest member of the family, or taking a DNA test, for others it might require building a robust family tree and seeking out historical records. In some cases, it may take a private investigator to find your long-lost relatives. Discover Bond Rees: Your trusted private investigator partner, for example, and uncover the secrets of your… Read More