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8 tips to make your hair more beautiful

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Everyone deserves beautiful hair, so take some time to assess your hair routine. At home, you can make changes to obtain healthy, softer and shinier locks without breaking the bank.  Follow this guide for tips on achieving beautiful hair. 1) Turn down the temperature  Heat strips the natural oil from our hair. As relaxing as a hot shower can be, warm water is much better to wash your hair with. After the shower quickly rinse with cold water to tighten the hair cuticles, increasing the shine and improving the hair’s condition. This will prevent brittle hair and keep the hair looking soft.   If you are using heat styling tools, use products that will protect your hair. The best hair curler for the job will style your hair without leaving it dry and damaged.  You can also protect your hair from curling irons and straighteners using hair products that prevent heat damage.   Want to achieve healthy hair quick? Even if you have the best hair curler, opt to let your hair air dry first. Walking around with damp hair is not always fun, but it will prevent unnecessary hair breakage.  2) Sleep on silk  A silk pillowcase is not only amazing to sleep on, but it will help you to get healthy hair. Silk prevents friction between hairs and fabrics which will reduce your risk of developing split ends. You should also change how you wear your hair at night. If you sleep with it in a loose topknot – secured with a silk scrunchie –… Read More