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7 easy ways to improve your bathroom


 If you’re the houseproud type, it’s likely that you are always looking for ways to jazz up your rooms! Your bathroom is much more than merely a function space, but a place where you can really unwind after a long hard day. Putting in time and money to make the most of your bathroom is so worthwhile to create a space that you really love. Let’s consider a few easy ways that you can improve your bathroom. Beautiful plants In the last few years, everyone wants their bathroom to have that spa-like quality, and why not? One of the best ways that you can create a spa-worthy look is to buy yourself some lovely plants for your bathroom. One excellent plant for a bathroom space is an Orchid; these plants will thrive in a high humidity environment and produce beautiful flowers. Place them on the windowsill so that they have enough sunlight and away you go! Another great plant for a bathroom space are Azaleas; these have gorgeous flowers in pink, purple or white. Again, these plants will flourish in your bathroom and give you an effortlessly elegant look. Having plants inside also helps to rid the air of toxins and serves as an eco-friendly decoration option. Be sure to check out the huge range of candles available at Saison. Add some candles Another surefire way to get that spa-quality is to add some candles to your bathroom. It’s a good idea to steer clear of traditional paraffin-based candles. These paraffin candles release chemicals which… Read More