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Accessories label The 5th makes its move into small leather goods

5th leather wallet

The 5th is an accessories label out there, making waves… on the 5th of every month. If their five-collection-strong range of watches for men and women isn’t enough to get you going, then the news they’re shifting gear to incorporate small leather goods will probably do the trick. Inspired by all the best ports of the Globe, The 5th is unique in its own way. They release a new product for their customers on the 5th of every month; or if not a product, something to look forward to, at least. This is that. By releasing a range of small leather goods in theme with leather, they’ll be releasing five leather additions to its best-selling Bilbao range of watches. So much leather! And by launching 15 new products in one hit, it’s the biggest move for the brand at once; ever! Comprised of a card wallet, bi-fold wallet, pouch, 13-inch laptop sleeve and 15-inch laptop sleeve, they do plenty of colours, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts: with vegetable tan and vibrant red leather interiors, giving your belongings the comfort they deserve, The 5th is offering something different to seasoned leatherworkers. “I’m excited to enter into this new category; we’ve been working really hard to perfect the product. It’s an exciting time at The 5TH; we’re entering a new category with products we’ve been working on perfecting for a long time now,” said Alex McBride, founder and director of The 5TH. See more about The 5th’s new London collection here.