T2 has a new wintry range of tea to add to your collection

T2 tea

Winter is the perfect time to ramp up your hot tea intake and to switch things up in the loose leaf department to help get you through those cold, dull days. Luckily, T2 has just released three new teas to pimp up your pantry – Cherry Cha Cha, Supercharger Matchaberry and Myrtle’s Mate loose leaf tea.

T2 supercharger matcha

Cherry Cha Cha is beautiful blend of black tea, cacao powder, cinnamon, sour cherries and rose petals. The best part is when the hot water hits the loose leaf and you catch the first scent of that gorgeous combination of cacao, sour cherries and rose petals. It’s the perfect brew for those moments you feel like a little chocolate hit, but you’re still trying to behave.

T2 tea pot

With honeybush as a base, Supercharger Matchaberry is a flavour explosion with the addition of sweet pineapple, apple, cocoa husk, sweet blackberry leaves and powdered green tea. And the aroma this tea emits while it brews is next level, transporting you to a tropical paradise for a brief moment. A word of warning if brewing at work – if left unattended, it may not be there when you return as the fragrance from this tea is seriously hard to resist.


Then there’s Myrtle’s Mate, a refreshing, earthy loose leaf tea made with cocoa husks, lemon myrtle and South American yerba mate powder. Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, yerba mate is most definitely your friend. Wellness in a cup!

The good people at T2 are always looking to develop flavoursome brews with wellness in mind, and they haven’t disappointed with their latest offering.