5 home habits that are attracting pests into your home

Pest-free homes are the dream of many but the reality of only a few Melbourne home-owners. Your property may always encounter some type of insect species at some point of the year. But, that doesn’t mean it has to develop into an uncontrollable infestation.

With a reliable pest control service backing you, the battle is half won. That’s not all though! Have you ever wondered whether there a few habits that are sending out an open invitation to these pests? And maybe it’s these habits that are counteracting any initiatives your take for their control and removal.

We bring you the top 5 habits most Melbourne residents are guilty of when it comes to a pest infestation. Just so you know, eliminating this habit can also help in effortless pest control and removal.

Mistaking an Organized home to be a clean one

Undoubtedly, every part of your home should be organized. This includes your kitchen as well. If not for anything at all, at least to help you get through daily life in the most time-efficient way. Being organized also helps you keep the property clutter-free. Pests are naturally drawn to a place with clutter and food because it makes for the perfect home.

However, the main point to remember here is that you could have a well-organized food cupboard but if there are food crumbs, germs and piled up things lying around, that’s enough of good hide-out spots and food to attract the critters.

It is absolutely important that you do not ditch the task of mopping and dusting the kitchen and other parts of your home. As for the fridge, kitchen countertop, cupboards, etc. add a wipe-down with a disinfectant.

Skipping out on cleaning the cracks


Have you ever been unable to clear all the dirt from a place and so pushed whatever was remaining into cracks, because well, who’s going to see it? Was that easy? Yes! Is it going to be a problem for later?

Double yes!! Cracks, crevices, tiny holes, uncomfortable nooks and corners, the back of furniture, ovens, kitchen appliances and food containers – it’s so easy to avoid cleaning these places. But this really is a decision you will regret later in comparison to the inconvenience and expense pest control and removal will cause you.

Although it can be an exhausting job, it will be something you will value in the long-run. As a tip, you can make avail of the different sizes and sturdy design brushes that are easily available at your local store. Even better, you can try using a vacuum cleaner to your advantage.

Eating all over the house.

Yes, we know sitting and eating at the table may seem like the last decade habit. But, is it so bad if it’s saving your sofas, bed, and upholstery from becoming a pest-magnet?

However comfortable and tempting it may be to enjoy your pizza seated in bed, or binge on that packet of chips while seated on a plush-cushioned sofa, do not do so! It is nearly impossible to get these places to be squeaky clean.

The crumbs or fine particles from the foodstuff are easy to miss and quickly go settle in the grooves and ridges of the fabrics. Once food has settled in, pests breed faster, making their control and removal that much more difficult. If eating in the kitchen is proving to be too difficult, try introducing comfortable seating or a gadget of your choice to that space.

Leaving the bin full for days

If it’s important to dump leftover/spoilt food into the dustbin, it is just as important to clear it out regularly. Although this can be a tiresome task you’ll still want to make sure you do this.

As food begins to decay it attracts maggots, flies, mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches and a whole lot of other pests that threaten the hygiene of your home. Once the sanitation has been compromised upon critters can get out of control and multiply by the dozens.

Forgetting to check on refrigerated food

Maybe it’s not such a good thing to think that your fridge can protect food for an indefinite amount of time. At least this way you’ll land up clearing and cleaning up on a weekly basis.

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Another common mistake is leaving the door slightly ajar when in a hurry. Not only does this decrease the efficiency of the appliance but also provides an entry point for insects to make their way to the food and spoil it. Check on open milk cartons, cheese, and other moist foodstuffs on a regular basis to avoid discovery of a mini zoo in the fridge.

Finally, take courage because defeating pests is not an impossible situation. With a little vigilance and small-steps daily, your residence can be pest-free.

About the author:

Muzi Tsolakis is the owner of Protech Pest Control, Australia’s preferred professional service for termite protection. As one of the preferred pest control companies, the Protech team makes the claim of a pest-free home a possibility.