Sydney restaurants to visit: The Prince of York

Prince York Sydney pub 1

Loosten your laces, let your hair down and pop a button or two, The Prince of York is all about a good time where you can just enjoy.

The Prince of York is chill, but to great detail with a vibe you can both enjoy and relax in. It’s all been curated to a stylish extent set-up in an offbeat juxtaposition of understated design, colour, flamboyance and grunge brought together by eccentric and cultivated tastes. 

They’ve tried to emulate the grandeur of the scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Prince of York’s basement bar, Pamela’s is complete with disco ball and a stage, set for live music and impromptu theatrics.

Couple all that with music of rare disco, new wave and post punk tracks for late night playlists, it’s all about hitting the right note for a break from the norm, a haven, where you’re free from judgment to have a great time. Doors are open now, located at 18 York Street Sydney. 

See more at the Prince of York website.