We’ve found the perfect venue for your next team lunch

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Anyone who has had to organise a team lunch for your coworkers knows it can be a minefield. You need to cater for all dietaries, but also be delicious. It can’t cost over $300 a head, but it also can’t cost $10 a head. It needs to be close to the office, but it can’t be so far away that it takes up important meeting times. Oh, and it also can’t be too slow, otherwise your manager will start giving you the side eye as they check their watch. So what’s the solution? We found it in Turkish restaurant Maydanoz.

Ticking all the boxes above, Maydonoz is centrally located in the heart of Sydney CBD. The venue is intimate, but large enough for groups. Plus, it’s Turkish food, so automatically delicious and able to be catered for any, if not all, dietary needs.

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Maydanoz’s menu that features extensive vegetarian and meat-based options, including hero dishes like the lentil kofte, su borek with feta, beetroot falafel with spinach pita, tahini, and pickled mint, ox tongue kebab with muhammara and turnip and Tilba haloumi with thyme honey and sesame.

To sweeten the deal on this group lunch, Maydanoz is open Monday – Friday for lunch from 12pm, and they just launched a new express lunch offer for $49pp, including a glass of wine. Check out the delicious menu here.

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