All Wazamba betting fans are thrilled about the UEFA Champions League finals

Woman playing soccer

The largest football competition among clubs is almost over, and there are only two teams remaining. The finals will become one of the largest football events of the year, and the Wazamba betting fans are reasonably thrilled to find out the result of the UEFA Champions League Finals.


The previous stage of the competition was already extremely popular in the Wazamba betting community. Millions of people watched the matches as they were played, and thousands of punters submitted their predictions on the outcomes. As in all the other playoffs of the UEFA Champions League, the semi-finals were played in two legs.

Real Madrid versus Manchester City

The first pair of competitors was extremely thrilling to watch. At this stage of the tournament, there are no underdogs, and all the clubs that are left in the competition are majorly successful teams. Nevertheless, many punters managed to predict the qualification of Manchester City to the final, but it was not necessarily easy for them to achieve it.

The first leg ended with a 1–1 score, although Manchester City performed slightly better in terms of some stats. For example, they had six attempts on target, while Real Madrid only managed to do three of them. Real Madrid scored the first goal, but Manchester City was very motivated to at least have a draw.

The second match, however, went in a very different manner. Manchester City won with a 4–0 score, leaving the Spanish club with no chances of coming back. Bernardo Silva scored two goals in the first half of the game, and Real Madrid did not manage to fix their performance in the second half.

AC Milan versus Inter Milan

The Italian derby was also very anticipated by the Wazamba betting community. The fans were thrilled to see these teams clash once again in this classic matchup. Some punters were betting on Inter, as the club has been doing especially well in its national league, Serie A. But according to the bookmakers, the teams had almost equal chances of qualifying to the finals.

The first leg of the semi-finals was a shock to some fans, as Inter won with a 2–0 score, leaving AC Milan with very small chances of coming back in the second leg. The game went the wrong way for AC Milan from the start, as they let their opponent score twice in the first eleven minutes of the match. Even though AC Milan had 57% of ball possession, Inter’s attacks were more successful: they made a total of five attempts on target, while AC Milan did only two.

In the second leg, the clubs had similar possession stats, but AC Milan did not really seem motivated to attack. They only managed to shoot on goal once, while Inter who did not need to score to qualify made four attempts on target. One of them was successful, allowing Inter to make it to the finals with an aggregate score of 3–0.

The Grand Finals

The final stage of the competition is surely anticipated by the Wazamba betting community and casual fans of the sport. Inter will play against Manchester City, and the situation is rather interesting. While both half-final matchups were considered equal by the bookmakers, it is not the case with the final stage of the UEFA Champions League.

The markets for the victory of Manchester City have odds of x1.47, while the coefficient for the victory of Inter Milan is a whopping x8.25. The bookmakers are sure it will be an easy ride for the English team and it is hard to blame them: Man City is in perfectly good shape right now. The fans of the Italian team are still going to cheer for it, and some punters are interested in placing a high-risk high-reward wager on this match.