Surry Hills Sydney is getting a new Basque restaurant: Ortzi

Ortzi food

From the people behind Sagra in Darlinghurst, Ortzi has opened in Surry Hills this month, serving-up the best of Basque in a flash new venue.

On Hunt Street in Surry Hills, chef and co-owner Michael Otto is behind the menu with the support of fellow co-owner and chef, Edward Saxton, together bringing a wonderful blend of traditional and Basque-inspired pintxos lead a shared-concept dinner menu that reflects the flavours of the Basque region.

Ortzi food 4

They’re all about dishes that adapt, changing the menu throughout the week to cater to every element of the whole beasts butchered on site so no part is wasted.

“My aim is to let the ingredients shine and ensure that each dish is more than just a sum of its parts. For us to adapt the menu on almost a daily basis, we must be intuitive cooks. We’re fostering a creative environment for the chefs to take what is available in front of them in terms of a beast, seafood and vegetables, and create something that not only does the produce justice but is also is reflective of the Basque region”, says Otto.

Ortzi food 3

Find them at:

6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills
Monday to Saturday: 12pm – 3pm
Monday to Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm
Thursday to Saturday: 6pm – 12pm

Ortzi aranchini