Spring fashion trends in Australia for 2021

Shoes on men and women

Spring calls for a newer, fresher look, and for some fashionistas, it may just be their favorite time of the year. Here are the newest spring fashion trends for Australia for 2021. 

Loungewear is in

Chic, well-fitted and gorgeous loungewear is very much here to stay for the spring season and most popular retailers are launching collections designed around the concept. You can pair the shorts with graphic t-shirts and or even kitten heels. It’s the perfect outfit to look super stylish during the day whether you’re meeting people or simply grocery shopping. To make it appear as if you put in a bit of effort, opt for more silken fabrics and bright colors for that lux feel. 

Pants can be the centrepiece

Statement pants have become incredibly fashionable for this season as they are easy to style and they do all the talking for you. Statement pants whether they be patterned with shapes or other designs, printed, or colorful simply upgrade any look with the minimum of effort. You could be wearing a plain white tee and a blazer with sneakers and a statement pair of pants will instantly add interest and a killer aesthetic to the look. 

To really follow this trend to the nines opt for wide-leg pants or flared pants and depending on your body type you could pair them with a more fitted summer jacket or blouse. As bright, dazzling colors and patterns may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are subtler ways to wear statement pants such as opting for designs that use more muted colors. 

Cross-body bags are suitable for all errands 

Whether you’re going to a cocktail party or simply having lunch with friends, a stylish cross-body bag particularly in faux leather is the ultimate fashion statement. Most brands have been launching their own cross-body bag designs with various elements like gold accents, seashells, large patterned textile straps, and so on. A cross-body bag is the epitome of convenience, not to mention it is a very versatile small bag as well that can be paired with both casual and formal outfits. 

Graphic tees

Graphic tees used to be much-loved clothing for enthusiasts of various movies, TV series, or comic characters. In recent years, however, graphic tees have become the norm for just about anyone, whether or not they’re trying to make a statement. This spring season graphic tees are in and the more graphic the better! You can pair them with white jeans, regular jeans, or even cool-girl outfits with denim shorts. Choose according to your favorite characters, books, or movies, or simply show your support for a worthy cause! 

Go backless

Springtime is a season that is neither too hot nor too cold. For that reason it can be tricky deciding how to balance the elements in your clothing: do I wear a jacket with those shorts? Backless strapped tops particularly in neutral colors like black are very much in fashion for this spring. Draping styles or tops with multiple straps look wonderfully casual with plain pants and jeans but also add a wow factor to any outfit. If you work out in the gym a lot, now’s your chance to show it! 

Puff up those sleeves

Puffy sleeves have made a comeback in 2021 as they weren’t given a lot of love for many years. Puffy sleeves are in for both tops (blouses, crop tops, and even sweaters) and dresses whether casual or formal. They add a wonderful sense of occasion to any outfit and you can choose between having them more tailored and structured or freestyle and very loose. They add a girly, almost fairytale touch to make your outfit look a lot grander than it is and you don’t even need to shell out the big bucks if you simply dress hire Melbourne.


Reimagining of a white button-down staple 

Everyone has a few button-down shirts in their wardrobe for those formal meetings but the boyfriend shirt trend is what is making the waves this spring. A boyfriend shirt is a looser, button-down, positively androgynous shirt that can be paired with anything from slim-fit jeans to high-waisted skirts. The boyfriend shirt of choice to get for this season should be anything with a bright, vibrant colour scheme and preferably stripes or whimsical patterns. The groovier the design is, the better. Boyfriend shirts can also loosely fit into the dress category if you’re feeling adventurous as all you need are some staple heels and the right accessories to pull it off.