Solo travel: it doesn’t have to be scary

Girl backpack travel photo

Have you always wanted to road trip around Australia or go further afield but have been to vary to go alone? This is your gentle nudge to just go for it. Why wait until a mate can join you on your travels? There are so many wonderful places to see and so much to do wherever you are heading that you won’t even notice you’re on your own. We have compiled a few tips to make it that much easier for you to travel solo.

Be prepared

Before you set off on your solo adventure, devise a rough plan. Doing so will settle some of your pre-trip nerves. Don’t forget to research the best way to get from the airport to your accommodation. You can also outline the various sites you want to see and activities you want to take part in before you go, doing this will give you a plan of action you can follow. Take photos or screenshots of all the documents you are going to need for your trip, such as booking references for your flight, accommodation and most importantly of your passport and visas just in case. You must also remember to secure a valid international driving license before you go, in case you want to rent a car and explore your destination on a road trip.

Having these documents stored in an online cloud or in an e-mail will help tremendously if you misplace any of the physical copies.

Sleeping arrangements

These days there are so many different options to choose from. If you prefer to be around people, then maybe booking a hostel bed for the night might be the way to go. If you want to get to know some of the locals, you could try a room rental in an apartment or a homestay and if you just want to relax and get some down time after a busy day of exploring, then maybe a hotel room is the best option for you! The choice is most definitely yours!

Time for food

Eating solo is not as bad as people make out. In many countries around the world, it’s perfectly normal to sip a coffee or eat solo. If you are still not sure about the whole situation then how about listening to your favourite music or podcast while you eat? Just make sure you have cleaned those ear pods as described in this article beforehand. You could also read a book or try and make conversation with the waiter or waitress. Sitting outside can also make you feel more comfortable, you can distract yourself by people watching. Try not to use your mobile phone though, you wouldn’t want to be one of those annoying fellow travellers that are constantly glued to their phone.

Stay safe

Be confident when you are out and about. Looking lost or confused might lead to some unwanted attention. But fear not, learn how to say “no, thank you” in the local language and remember if you aren’t feeling confident at any given time then fake it before you make it.

Now you’re armed with a few helpful tips it’s time to book that trip you have been dreaming of! Don’t forget to take photos to show your friends and family once you get back. You are bound to make them jealous.