Spice up your life with this Smiths Chips and Mad Mex Collab


The genius brains at Mad Mex have taken their collab with Smiths a step further: meet the limited edition Double Crunch Hot Sauce Nachos!

The people couldn’t get enough of the Smith’s x Mad Mex Hot Sauce Chips, so Mad Mex has turned up the heat (literally, we tried them and they’re SPICY!) on their Smith’s collaboration with limited edition menu item, Double Crunch Hot Sauce Nachos, served as a fiery alternative to corn chips with the Smith’s x Mad Mex Hot Sauce chips. It’s a unique twist that definitely adds crunch and heat (get the gauc!), and if you’ve never tried chips AKA crisps as your nacho base, this is your sign to give it a try. Perhaps the best part is you can choose from a range of toppings including chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian.

Get your hot little hands on them at all Mad Mex stores until 20 March 2023.