See Sumo wrestlers in Australia

Sumo fighters

Zing Entertainment is thrilled to announce ‘Sumo International Downunder’, an event set to offer Australians an unparalleled cultural experience. This one-of-a-kind showcase will feature champion sumo wrestlers from the USA and Japan, including Hiroki Sumi, star of popular Netflix series.

Scheduled for the 19th of January 2024 in Melbourne’s Festival Hall and on the 21st of January 2024 in Sydney’s Aware Super Theatre, this family-friendly event promises to present sumo wrestling in an authentic and engaging manner. Monique Annetts, the official spokesperson for Zing Entertainment, emphasises the wide appeal of the event. “We’re excited to offer a family-friendly environment that fuses sports, culture, and entertainment,” Annetts enthused. “It’s an opportunity to experience the rich history and athleticism of sumo wrestling.”

As part of the exclusive VIP package, some fortunate ticket holders will be invited on stage for an interactive sumo wrestling experience. The opportunity to meet the sumo champions, including Sumi, in an exclusive meet-and-greet session, is guaranteed to make the VIP experience truly unforgettable.

The event will also feature an immersive Tyko Japanese drumming pre-show. The goal is to educate and entertain, with an announcer introducing the sport’s cultural significance, followed by sumo matches that showcase the athletes’ skill and strategy. “Our aim is to create a welcoming environment where families can learn, appreciate different cultures, and have a great time,” adds Annetts.

In line with its commitment to creating a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for all attendees, Zing Entertainment is ready to bring this extraordinary cultural event to Australia. Mark your calendars and prepare to be enthralled by the excitement and depth of sumo wrestling at ‘Sumo International Downunder’.

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