Polishing up an easy-clean bathroom

White bathroom

Cleanliness is king in the bathroom. No room feels quite as uncomfortable as a dirty bathroom. However, it doesn’t help that it can be one of the trickiest, most time-consuming rooms in the home to clean. For that reason, we’re going to look at ways you create an easy-clean bathroom, so you spend a lot less time scrubbing the tiles and more time scrubbing in the tub.

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Stop grumbling over grout

If you’re as frustrated with bathroom walls as most people are, then it might be time to change those walls. Opting for groutless shower walls and floors like engineered marble, quartz, or even porcelain, as shown at Kartinaleechambers.com will dramatically cut down the cleaning time they require. There’s just a smooth surface to wipe, and fewer places for moisture to hide so much less risk of mould and mildew adding that funky smell to the bathroom.

Think vertically

The more floor space you have in the bathroom, the better. First of all, it makes a lot more room for little cubbies and other storage options so even a smaller bathroom can feel much bigger. When decorating the bathroom, try to elevate the sink and aim for vertical radiators so that the everyday dust and debris of the bathroom has fewer seams and corners to cling to, meaning you don’t have to brush around as often.

Make sure you have the tools for the job

Designating a storage space in or near the bathroom for the cleaning products and tools that you use will reduce your time a little since everything you need is in hand. What’s more, you can go visit BigClean.com.au and take a look at the kind of motor scrubber that can greatly cut down the amount of time it takes to clean the bath and the shower floor. Having the right tools on the job takes a little investment but pays off by making it much easier to clean time and time again.

Give everything some space

The more clutter in the home, the harder it will be to clean. As mentioned, the more corners and seams, the more places that both dust and moisture have to gather and grow. Stick to the basics and try to have them touch as little as possible, with fewer ridges, edges, and touchpoints. For instance, a frameless shower door will collect a lot less dust and moisture. Similarly, contactless taps like those at Gerberit.com.au can help keep the sink area cleaner for longer, too.

Keep your ventilation healthy

The better the airflow in the bathroom, the less dust and moisture that will be able to circulate around the room. Make sure that your fan is situated above the shower, where the most heat and moisture tends to gather. There are lots of other little ways to improve ventilation, even in a windowless room, as shown at HomeImprovementPages.com.au.

Naturally, even with the tips above, routine bathroom care is essential. However, they will make it much easier to spend a little time here and there cleaning rather than having to dedicate entire days to the chore.