Plan your glow-up with Youth to the People: a review

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You don’t need to go far these days to find a new superfood. Especially in Sydney, it feels like there’s a brand-new magic ingredient being discovered every weekend: if you’re not drinking a kale smoothie, you might be grabbing an açai bowl with extra goji berries or adding activated almond milk to your turmeric latte. It’s a lot to take in, especially if – like me – sometimes you just want to spend the night in on the couch with a pizza.

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Fortunately, the clever folks at Youth To The People have come up with a brand new way of taking in those magic, healthy ingredients: through your face. Their new Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil is designed to pack as many antioxidants and nutrients in to a few tiny drops of oil as possible, keeping your face moisturised and glowing all day long.

Combining açai, prickly pear, and goji berries with star-ingredient maqui (pronounced macky), the facial oil feels and smells fresh, and absorbs super quickly to prevent wearers from leaving oily smudges on hands and pillowcases. It’s perfect to use at night: just put a couple of drops on to your hands, rub them gently all over your face, and go to bed with the knowledge that when you’ll wake up, your skin will be fresh, soft, and clear.

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I’ve used the oil for about a week now on top of my regular skincare regime, and I have to say: it’s no joke, this stuff really does work. For someone like me who has sensitive skin, I find that often my skin feels quite dry once I’ve taken off my make-up: I used to use a night cream moisturiser from another brand that left my skin feeling heavy and a bit gooey, but now I just put a few drops of oil on and truly do notice a difference in the morning. My skin feels softer and more elastic, and looks clearer too.

This is my first time using a face oil, so it may be that I’ve stumbled in to an exciting side of skincare that I previously knew nothing about: but I’m also willing to be that the fact I’m putting an entire smoothie’s worth of nutrients and antioxidants on to my face has something to do with it, too.

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