Overcoming weight loss plateau: What should you do?

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The frustrating reality of a weight loss routine is that you’re likely to hit a plateau. Anybody who has embarked on a weight-watching plan faces this sooner or later. Even with the best diets and strict gyming, most people get surprised when the numbers begin to stall on the scale. According to The Insider, this may be why about 80% of weight losers regain their initial weight within a few years. Can you relate to this? It’s understandable why you’ll get upset after working so hard to hit a target only to get stuck. Find out below what you can do.

  1. Cut more calories

Active females are required to consume 2200 calories daily, while active men need 2500. However, for those targeting weight loss, your cut back should not go below 1200 calories (for all genders). This rule stems from medical studies that state that less than 1200 calories a day increases the chances of overeating. In relation to weight plateaus, the math works quite differently, and you’re about to find out why.

Dieticians recommend cutting back from 2200 to 2000 calories in the first few weeks of your weight loss routine. After that, you should continue to adopt a gradual decline until you finally hit 1200 calories. At each stage of the decline, your body gets used to your daily consumption rate until it plateaus. It therefore makes sense that cutting back more will force your body to shed off more muscle along with fat as you get in shape. Remember that as you lose weight, your metabolism slows down too, and that is mostly responsible for your weight plateau.

  1. Use dietary/fat burning supplements.

There’s been an ongoing debate about the efficacy of fat burning supplements, but the truth is, they actually do work. These pills contain ingredients that target belly fat and deal with it in healthy ways. As with any medication, you should take fat burning pills in their recommended doses. Nonetheless, Steel’s fat burner is a popular choice among weight losers and those who hit a plateau.

  1. Replace coffee with green tea

Did you know that your regular coffee consumption is also a reason you reached an uncompromising weight plateau? According to Australian research conducted on mice, those fed with five cups of coffee everyday produced more belly fat, unlike subjects made to consume green tea. If you think mice belly fat has nothing to do with you, get ready to be shocked. These rodents are medical testing models because their genetic and biological characteristics are closely linked to humans.

So what makes green tea so unique? This beverage contains a compound called ‘Catechin.’ Its main job is to blast body fat and speed up the liver’s role in burning it. Therefore, a switch from coffee to tea (coupled with your routine exercises) will resolve your plateau problem. After all, all you’ve got to lose is your weight!

There is no quick fix to a healthy weight loss. Regular exercising, healthy eating, supplements, etc., all work in tandem. You will also need the right amount of patience and commitment to arrive at your targeted weight.