No wires, more music – Blue Ant are doing a new wireless earbud

Blue Ant Pump Air 2

They’re stylish, lightweight and work without you having to try; the Blue Ant Pump Air 2 is the next thing in wireless music.

The Blue Ant brand has done some great stuff when music’s concerned. Not only is a heap of their stuff wireless and good-looking, it’s enhanced by the fact they’re a technology company that makes music, meaning all the gizmos and whatsits in the background and where the real marvel comes into play.

They’re all about family, too. Not in the people sense, but the full range of offering sense, making something for everyone when it comes to audio products that are packed with intuitive techy innovations.

Take the new Pump Air 2 wireless earbuds, for example. They provide next-gen sound with Bluetooth 5.0 that ensures quick, consistent connectivity with exceptional range HD audio all wrapped-up in a nice little sleek design that delivers a premium immersive listening experience.

Tack onto that the fact they’re water – or sweat – proof, stay in your ears, run for 15 hours thanks to the protective and charging, wireless micro-charging case and pair automatically with your phone, it’s a win-win.

Get them for $169.95, or see more at the Blue Ant Wireless website.

Blue Ant Pump Air 2