New to Melbourne Castlerose underground restaurant

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South Melbourne’s culinary landscape has been graced with the arrival of Castlerose, an extraordinary underground restaurant and bar that promises to redefine the art of dining. Tucked away beneath Clementine at 67 Palmerston Crescent, this clandestine establishment is a collaborative venture led by hospitality virtuoso Glen Bagnara, renowned for his iconic venues like Hemingway’s Wine Room and Clementine, in partnership with the esteemed developer, Fortis.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting experience as you descend a spiral staircase into the embrace of an elegant, dimly lit space. The ambiance, reminiscent of the refinement of 20th-century dining, invites guests to revel in an atmosphere that marries elegance with intrigue. Meticulously designed by Co:Aika, the space features a harmonious blend of dark timbers, marble, and Italian terrazzo, evoking a sense of opulence akin to grand European venues.

Beyond the captivating physical space, Castlerose offers a meticulously crafted menu that tantalizes the senses and invites exploration. From signature offerings like branded duck cigars, lobster rolls, to ceviche, every dish is a testament to the artistry and creativity that defines this establishment. Notably, the underground bar adds an element of mystery as certain menu items are presented with a touch of theatrical flair, heightening the overall dining experience.

Head Chef David Yuan’s menu reflects a celebration of classical European cuisine, offering seasonal and generously portioned dishes designed for sharing. Each creation, from the tinned duck rillettes with fig jam and cornichons to the Wagyu Rump Cap 6+ served with Yorkshire pudding and red wine, embodies a symphony of flavors that promise to leave a lasting impression.

In keeping with the ethos of indulgence, Castlerose presents a vintage cheese trolley boasting an ever-evolving selection of locally sourced gems and European classics, ensuring that every palate is met with an exquisite array of flavors. Complementing this culinary journey is a thoughtfully curated wine list featuring well-loved Champagne brands, German Pinot Noir, and a selection of Italian and French varietals, promising a sensorial exploration of global wine culture.

Castlerose is not merely a dining destination; it is a realm where guests can savor the simple pleasures of casual camaraderie over bar snacks and enjoy bespoke experiences that redefine the notion of luxury. With deliberate attention to detail, the venue has been carefully crafted to offer an environment where patrons can seamlessly transition between the refined ambiance of Clementine and the enigmatic allure of Castlerose.

We invite you to embark on a gastronomic odyssey as South Melbourne welcomes the arrival of Castlerose. Nestled beneath the din of the streets at 67 Palmerston Crescent, this grandiose, dark yet dignified den serves as a backdrop of elegance for all occasions.

For more information and to explore the gallery, visit Castlerose and follow their journey on Instagram @castlerosewinebar. Contact Castlerose at 03 9982 9369 or via email at

Join us as we raise a toast to the unveiling of South Melbourne’s newest culinary treasure.