New London food and drink hub: Iyoki opens this December

Iyoki men chef

Ikoyi will welcome guests to its new home within London’s new space for the creative industries, 180 The Strand on London’s Northbank. And the time to get excited is now.

With a dedicated entrance on the corner of Surrey Street, the larger restaurant and kitchen space will afford its co-founders, Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, the freedom to focus on the future evolution of their pioneering restaurant. 

You could describe the new Iyoki as “a restaurant beyond definition” and the core identity of Ikoyi will persist: a true form of global modernism that is placeless, free, unfixed and personal whilst symbolising the energy of its international city home.

With an open kitchen, a larger dining space, an outdoor terrace, and a private dining room, the pair commissioned the acclaimed Danish architect and designer David Thulstrup, to help them create a cohesive union of all four spaces.

This will be Thulstrup’s first hospitality commission in Britain. His aesthetic and practice of a contemporary approach to the Scandinavian values of simplicity and humility with a dash of boldness will be fully embraced at Ikoyi.

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