MPower your workouts with this bespoke Bondi Pilates studio

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Pilates not only strengthens your core but it is one of the best all-body workouts). The pilates industry in Australia is extremely competitive, so just how does one stand out? The team at MPower have it figured out, they have taken “small group classes” to the next level, allowing just six participants per class. With 11 class styles, there’s something for everyone, so take your pick from three main genres. 

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1/ Spring

Using next-gen technology spring is a new style of pilates. Using a springboard and horse the class keeps you moving and easily tailors specific muscle groups. 

2/ Reformer

Sydneysiders favourite workout style right now, reformer will get your blood pulsing and your muscles pumping. If you want to dive in headfirst try Dynamic Reformer to test out one of their spring sessions. 

3/ Mat

Don’t be fooled even with minimal equipment mat pilates will have you feeling the burn in minutes. 

With a plethora of experience between them, MPower co-founders Michelle Koton and Peter Green wanted to create a space for “like-minded people of all ages and stages can feel comfortable, welcome, stimulated, motivated, empowered and better.”

If you are returning from an injury or just looking for some even more personalised assistance MPower offer one-on-one classes.

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