Mister Bianco’s tomato festival in Melbourne

Festa del Pomodoro tomato man pasta wine

As the vibrant shades of red start to dominate the pantries, Mister Bianco in Kew heats up its kitchen for a seasonal celebration that tantalises the taste buds: the Festa Del Pomodoro (Tomato Day). This joyous event is etched on Saturday 2nd March – a day to embrace the zest of fresh, ripe tomatoes in their prime. The excitement at Mister Bianco mounts as March heralds the time for Sugo making, a ritual cherished by the team for its traditional essence and the promise of mouth-watering Italian cuisine.

Join us for a fabulously orchestrated dinner where the humble tomato takes center stage. With the ambiance enlivened by the aromas of Italy, our guests will not only indulge in a spectacular three-course home-style meal but will also partake in the artistry of Sugo making. A feast for the senses awaits, accompanied by our finely selected house wines.

Our very own Chef Joe Vargetto, a maestro in the culinary world, is thrilled to offer more than just a dining experience. Armed with pots and passion, he is set to impart his closely guarded Sugo-making secrets through an engaging cooking demonstration. Attendees can look forward to an educational evening filled with anecdotes, techniques, and inspiration, directly from the expert’s kitchen to yours.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: Saturday 2nd March, 6.30pm
  • Dinner: Three Course Dinner with House Wines
  • Price: $145 per person


Shared Entree

  • Focaccia and whipped lemon ricotta
  • Antipasti of salumi and giardiniera
  • Arancini

Shared Mains + Sides

  • Gnocchi and tomato sugo
  • Pappardelle and meatballs
  • Eggplant Cotoletta
  • Insalata Mista
  • Roasted Zucchini and Potato Salad


  • Cannoli from T.Cavallaro + Sons

Bonus: Every guest leaves with a treasured bottle of Sugo, a memento of the event to be savoured at their own tables.

Reservations for the Festa Del Pomodoro dinner event can be made at SevenRooms. Explore the complete list of events and book your spot to ensure your journey through the captivating world of Italian cuisine at Mister Bianco.

Address: Mister Bianco, 26-28 Cotham Road, Kew

Embrace the essence of Italian cooking and join us for an unforgettable celebration of food, culture, and shared joy at the Festa Del Pomodoro. Let’s toast to the tomato, the heart of Italian gastronomy, and keep the tradition alive at Mister Bianco. Buon appetito!