Mindshine: The drink without alcohol that’s just as great

Mindshine cocktail

Who says you need alcohol to get lit?

Happiness is a state of mind, they say, and how to achieve it is more often than not how you approach your day than what you put in your body. Unless of course, it’s Mindshine.

Three Spirit, Ago Perrone (mixologist) and Will Williams have joined forces to create Mindshine which is a bespoke non-alcoholic drink inspired by the benefits of meditation that Ago Perrone has practiced for years. 

With this week marking Mental Health Awareness week, more than ever it is necessary to look at the status of health within the hospitality industry. Responding to the growing number of people abstaining from alcohol and looking for exciting alternatives, alcohol-free Three Spirit is combining plant-based and natural uplifting elements, bringing a bittersweet year savoury taste.

Designed by some of the world’s best bartenders, herbalists and plant scientists to combine flavour and function to replicate the positive effects of alcohol in a natural way, Three Spirit is leading this liquid social revolution, and bringing true botanical alchemy to life. 

Mindshine is a tribute to wellbeing, a drink designed to make you feel good. Three Spirit combines eleven plant-based ingredients from across the world used for centuries in ceremonies and potions, including mood enhancing lion’s mane, serotonin-boosting Yerba mate, pleasure-inducing cacao and the natural aphrodisiac damiana. 

So if inner peace is your thing and you’re keen on seeing how the master tackles it, then tune into Unify on 21 May at 8.30am GMT for a guided meditation.

Oh, and make a cocktail with the stuff once you’re done for that full holistic experience.

Here’s how.

30ml Three Spirit
60ml Evanished virgin vermouth
120ml Coca husk infusion
1 Dash bergamot oil water