Men’s silk shirts and embroidered linen are in: MR PORTER X Off White

MR PORTER Off White 1

MR PORTER and Off White are joining up this month, launching a brand new collection for dudes, 44 pieces strong.

MR PORTER Off White 3

Named Modern Office, they’re throwing it right back to the traditional with menswear, keeping it fresh with a hint of active.

Founder Virgil Abloh joined MP with Off-White’s typical approach of defining the grey areas between black and white as the colour off-white, while interpreting the collection’s overarching themes of flux, evolution and modernity into a synergy of fabrics, colours, treatment and visuals.

George Archer, buyer at MR PORTER says it’s all been designed from the ground-up, with the introduction of new fabrics, silhouettes, colour palettes, and exclusive prints that are not seen in the seasonal lines from Off-White, he said.

“The collection is also designed with the MR PORTER customer in mind, with the inclusion of silk shirts, tonal embroidered linen and shearling-lined jackets while keeping the colour palette relatively muted with pastel tones.”

Made up of 20 clothing items, 18 accessories and 6 pairs of shoes, the collection is accessible, funky and starts more tonal embroidery than you can poke a stick at. See the whole range at MR PORTER.

MR PORTER Off White 2