Men’s makeup: why you need War Paint for Men

War Paint men Danny Gray

Make up on men. To those who are unfamiliar or suffering from toxic masculinity, it might be a new/weird/foreign concept and something restricted to the practise of women, but Danny Gray and us might disagree. And here’s why.

Since the UK cult men’s makeup brand made its foray in 2009, Danny Gray has been singing the praises of the power of a daily touch up and expanding War Paint’s reach across the world.

From London and now available in Australia, through NIQUE clothing shops, War Paint is on a mission to normalise men’s makeup and show that it does a lot more than just cover up skin and enhance what you’ve got.

Danny’s history is the driving force behind the brand – and after a run-in with bullies as a kid because of the way he looked, he developed a new way to give him the fortitude to kick goals. A skill he’s now passing on to men around the world through the medium of make up.

How does it work?

War Paint has a unique approach for its customers, old and new. Using a four-option skin tone tool to help estimate a customers’ new set of make up.

The result? A perfectly matched haul of men’s wearable product – complete with brushes and applicators – that prepare men of all shapes, colours, sizes and sexualities with the armour they need to present as their best selves.

To see the whole range and get some for yourself, buy War Paint for men in the UK and in Australia!