The Melbourne Parthenon: NGV brings a different kind of Greece to Australia

A digital image of the Greek Parthenon

If you’ve been to Greece, or more specifically Athens (its capital), then you would have undoubtedly seen the impressive and imposing Parthenon atop the ancient Greek acropolis.

Built by the Greek King Pericles in 447 BCE, it’s one of the ancient wonders of the world and this season, it’s coming to Melbourne. Kind of.

Aggressively named Temple of Boom, the Parthenon will take on a digitally inspired and artistically affected interpretation, ranging from vibrantly coloured floral motifs to optical illusions, the artworks draw inspiration from the colourful and artistic embellishments that covered the original building over two-thousand years ago.

Designed by Melbourne-based architects Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang, Temple of Boom invites audiences to consider the effect of time on all architecture as the structure gradually transforms with artworks and murals, painted in three phases between November 2022 and August 2023.

Parthenon Melbourne digital art

Who are the artists involved?

Drez is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne who uses colour and form to play with perspective. Drawing inspiration from art historical perspectives, including the Greenbergian Modernism and Op-Art schools, Drez’s work creates an intersection between abstract art and street art. For this installation, Drez will create a boldly colourful mural that changes composition when viewed from different angles.

Manda Lane is a muralist, illustrator and paper-based artist from Collingwood, Victoria. With a keen focus on botanicals, her art explores the interactions between the natural world and industrial or man-made objects. In this mural installation, Lane will depict various growth behaviours of plants, creating a visual metaphor for personal expression and growth.

David Lee Pereira is a visual artist whose works explore the fluidity of gender, sexuality and identity. Influenced by the work of impressionist and surrealist artists Georgia O’Keefe, Salvador Dali and Edvard Munch, Pereira will adorn the structure with large-than-life floral motifs that draw attention to nature’s flamboyant use of scent and colour to allure pollinators.

Temple of Boom will be painted in three stages with the second and third group of artists adding further layers of artwork in 2023. To see it, just head to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne.