LUMAS Gallery has a new exhibition of photographer Werner Pawlok

House of Maria © Werner Pawlok

The culture capital has again turned it on at LUMAS Gallery, putting on a show for photography lovers the city/country-wide. The artist? Photographer Werner Pawlok, of course and it’s not stingy on the colour; if that’s your thing.

House of Flora - Havana © Werner Pawlok,

Pawlok first started photographing his idol Jimi Hendrix way back when, and has now established a strong portfolio of profile and celebrities images including John Malkovich, Jean Paul Gaultier, Juliette Binoche and in a good Australian connection, Leigh Bowery.

In 1988, Werner contacted Bowery after seeing him in a magazine and Bowery came to Pawlok’s studio for an exclusive shoot and his images have become some of the most synonymous with the performance artist.

House of Eduardo II © Werner Pawlok,

This exhibition in October at the gallery in Melbourne features a series of works capturing the homes of Havana across the last decade. So, if the reclusive Communist state that almost sparked the end of the world in the Cold War is your thing, then you need to go.

The images offer a fascinating glimpse into life in the Cuban capital as it begins to undergo a process of momentous change and reflects on the former glory of its past. The images are stunning, rich blues and greens with old world chandeliers and antique furniture situated alongside to faded photos of revolutionary director Che Guevara.

Solar Habana y Amargura II

Pawlok has visited Cuba a number of times including for a Chanel fashion show with Harper’s Bazaar and seeks out less accessible places to shoot, literally driving around town for hours until he sees a building he is drawn too and then knocking on strangers doors to ask if he can photograph it.

The exhibition is running from 6:30PM October 11 at LUMAS Richmond.

Solar Habana Amargura II © Werner Pawlock