Love art? LUMAS has the tips to start your own collection


From Melbourne to London and Sydney, there’s absolutely no shortage of access to art.

Regardless of your flavour and personal preference, what speaks to you and what you simply like the look of, from National Galleries to local activations like Lumas in Australia there’s enough to choose from.

In fact, for those of us who’re more inclined to collect than simply to view, there’s a right way to go about it.

We spoke to the art legends at Lumas to decipher just how to get it done.

Lumas art Berlin

1. Learn what you like

With so many different styles of art out there, it’s important to firstly establish what you like and what moves you. Start by visiting art galleries without the intention of buying, to get a sense of your tastes and preferences.

2. Set a budget and start small

However enthusiastic you may be about a certain artwork, ensuring that you set and stick to a budget will keep you on track. Typically, first-time buyers will start with something small and build the collection from there. Works on paper, such as the photography and limited edition prints available at LUMAS are a great place to start as these are more affordable than canvas. Limited edition prints are also less risky and smaller editions create rarity.

3. Stay true to your tastes

This means acknowledging that you like certain types of art, whether or not you are supposed to or what seems to be a current trend. Trends change, very fast. Your personal tastes will be the one thing that makes your collection unique and interesting for a long period of time.

4. Think about where it will feature

When considering an art piece, think about where and how you would use it. If you are looking to find a piece for a particular area in your home, it helps to measure the space available, as well as take note of the colours in the room and the natural sunlight. You can then decide what mounting, finish and framing you may want for this piece.

5. Keep evolving

A good art collection grows and evolves with the collector’s taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment and reappraise your tastes along the way. Edit what doesn’t fit with the collection and build on what does. What excites you one day could easily bore you the next!

Lumas Grag Kadel