Lot. One does casual dining with refined flair in Potts Point

Lot One Potts Point front

There’s a new contender for the crown of nice Potts Point restaurants and it extends far beyond the comparatively well-walked paths forged by the likes of Cio Cio San, Billy Kwong’s and The Tilbury.

Lot One Potts Point dining room

Lot.One is the Sydney city, then-Italian inspired restaurant that took over three floors and a gigantic space right in the heart of the city, that downsized and moved east to what is quickly proving to be its major betterment.

Co-owner Michael Bradley busies himself around the considerably smaller service floor of the inner-east restaurant, that has taken-over the stunning space inside an heritage Potts Point building.

He explains it used to be a brothel, a butcher and myriad other places of interest to the area’s pretty eclectic mix of locals over the decades until now, when it’s become his baby and a restaurant operation that offers a menu like few you’ll find nearby.

Lot. One does a contemporary take on the foods we all like; only more interestingly and with something that can best be described as a little more abstract.

Lot One Duck parfait

Duck liver parfait

They do ‘food and fun’, in that order, and it’s easy to see why and how. From the casual-yet-refined interior, to the sideboard bar, relaxed choice of music and tasteful decorations, the restaurant is as welcoming as it is street-side flashy, taking all the best bits of what you like about an approachable restaurant, adding a bay window and turning it out on all nights of the week.

The Lot. One menu is one of a lot of thought and care, coupled with a skilful hand by chef Xenia Jade; it’s a journey for those who’re after something more than basic.

From small, to large plates, a raw bar and a swathe of sides that’d have you choosing them all in an instant, their menu of winners like quail lollipops, duck liver parfait, diced lamb backstrap, or thrice-cooked potatoes, gives you a Australian feel with an Asian zest all their own. See the full Lot. One menu here.

Dessert is where the novelty of the Lot. One menu rally kind of shines, though. In taking classics like Bounty, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher and Turkish Delight, they play with the tastes we’re all familiar with in a completely unique and deconstructed way.

Thing a ‘Bounty’ of coconut gelato, meringue, chocolate shard and dessicated coconut and a ‘Snickers’ of housemade brandy snap, dulche de leche, vanilla bean icecream and more. It’s the kind of thing the tooth of a sweettooth dies for. See the dessert menu here.

Find it for yourself, see more and make a booking at the Lot.One website.

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