Terry Flynn I Owe You One book

Lockdown or not, don’t stop reading: try Terry Flynn’s ‘I Owe you One’

Lockdown might be done in Oz, but that doesn’t mean your capacity to and desire to read should vanish, just ‘cos you’ve got more on all-of-a-sudden, right?

So with that in mind, for dudes and Dads all over the country, this is one for you: Terry Flynn: I Owe You One; the first book in the series by Australian author Matt Judd, who has created a character that both men and women will love and, it’s the perfect purchase for a funny, light read.

Matt has people all over Australia laughing at Terry Flynn and all the trouble he gets into. As Marto from Triple M in Brisbane says, “Terry is the loser version of Les Norton”… but don’t be fooled guys and gals, Terry might get himself into trouble but he has a heart of gold and loves his Mum!

What’s it all about?

After observing a bloke at his favourite local pub acting strangely several times, Matt – who had wanted to write a book for over twenty years – decided that this was the guy to base his main character on. Thus, the character of Terry Flynn was born.

Calm, mature, forgiving, honest, stylish, and sober, Terry Flynn possesses none of these qualities. Bumbling his way through life without any real direction, knockabout Terry is the first to admit he has never achieved anything of great significance in his 44 years.

Seeking retribution from anyone he believes has wronged him is common practice, but when a degenerate gambler looks set to turn his world upside down, Terry is prompted to produce his greatest square up to date.

It’ll make you laugh with a nice little sense of nostalgic humour we can all relate to – even the author had a great time writing the book, so you know it’s from a good place.

Get it for $24.95 from book shop and the website

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