The Little Albion Guest House in Surry Hills makes you want a staycation every weekend

James Banham Albion Guesthouse Hotel

Tucked clandestinely down the side street that is Little Albion in Surry Hills, the Little Albion Guesthouse has pitched itself a spot and is kicking total goals.

You know you’re in for something great when the front gate swings open and you’re greeted by a concierge in full regalia, complete with cravat, a tower of light, decorated with suspended tea lights and a front terrace that is as much Alice in Wonderland as it is ‘trendy inner-city hotel’.

Little Albion Guesthouse Surry Hills 2

The hotel does the traditional hospitality type of thing, but in its own, inimitable way.

They offer breakfast, but without a dining room, their open bar runs with an honesty policy, whereby you take what you want and deal with it later, their rooms are large, old-cum-new and offer a sense of attainable luxury that you’re hard done-by to find in many other boutique hotels around the city.

They say that the concept came about after researching hotels through the ages. From the very first kind, the ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn dating back to the eighth century AD) to the modern big box branded hotels of the 80’s, followed by the explosion of boutique offerings and finally through to the innovation of the game-changing Airbnb platform.

Little Albion Guesthouse Surry Hills 1

From here, they saw a clear evolution and landed squarely on what both corporate and leisure guests genuinely want from their ‘home away from home’ – the luxury and comfort of a hotel teamed with the ease and familiarity of home.

And it works.

The hotel is staked inside an old convent, right next to a converted church, so it takes a pretty bold step forward when it comes to concepts and executions, but somehow, it all just works.

Little Albion Guesthouse Surry Hills 3

What are the rooms like at the Little Albion Guesthouse? 

Sturdy, luxurious, silent and quality – if you were to put them into four words.

The finishings of every room – let alone every space accessible to guests – have been thought of, mapped out nd executed with such precision, you know you’re surrounded by quality.

From the copper-lined bedheads, to the copper-shelved industrialesque wardrobe, to the Kitchen Aid appliances in every room and the rain head shower, the guest rooms at the Little Albion are as conceptual as they are comfortable and make the experience a dream.

And the cutest touch? Seeing as you’re staying at a Guesthouse, the room is is an actual key.

Little Albion Guesthouse Surry Hills 6

Paul Fischmann, Founder and CEO of 8Hotels said, “Little Albion Guest House was created with the needs of today’s luxury travellers in the front of our minds, which are the authenticity of a local experience, alongside world class boutique hotel service and ease of booking. To do this we had to redefine the whole hotel category by imagining a modern guest house, developed with the same attention to detail that a home owner has in creating their dream home, resulting in this truly one of a kind property.”

See more about the Little Albion Guesthouse at their website.

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