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5 ways to entertain during Boxing Day

As Christmas and Boxing Day are quickly approaching, holiday lovers are itching to entertain their family and friends. Put your creativity to the test and check out the entertainment ideas below to implement this holiday season!

Host a cocktail party
After cooking an elaborate Christmas dinner and hosting guests in your home, we are sure you are due for a few alcoholic drinks and Boisterous laughs with your friends. Cocktail parties are easy to plan and can be achieved successfully within the comfort of your home. A few sophisticated cocktail recipes will easily dazzle your friends. Seek out recipes that contain ingredients that you already have in-house. This will assist you in maintaining a low budget. When planning out your cocktail party take a simplistic approach by offering your guests just a few hors-d’oeuvres and small plates. Have Christmas dinner leftovers? Perfect! Plate a few of your leftover dinner options on serving flatware for your guests to dig in as they wonder about your abode.
Set up a few seating areas in and outside of your home to encourage your guests to mingle and enjoy the weather and one another’s company freely.

Be sure to invite your guests weeks ahead of time and have them rsvp online so that you have a solid headcount before planning your event.

Shop with friends
In need of some retail therapy? Retailers offer some pretty amazing post-Christmas deals on Boxing Day. Make an event of it and meet up with a few friends at a local coffee shop to come up with your shopping game plan for the day. Figure out which stores you all want to visit and have an idea of the items you are looking for. Be aware that some shoppers may be a bit more impulsive than you and your crew are that day, so be as courteous as possible.
If you find yourself worn out from previous festivities, shop online or don’t shop at all. Some retailers may extend sales days after Christmas.

BBQ at the beach
Take advantage of the warm weather and encourage your friends to meet up at the beach for a good ol’ Aussie BBQ. Plan this event ahead of time and delegate who will bring what to the beach. Be extra prepared and create and share a checklist of the items that are needed so that once you arrive at the beach, all you will have to do is fire up the grill, eat and take a nice refreshing swim! Be sure to get an early start and arrive at the beach early to claim your spot. Other groups may have a similar idea, so beat them to the punch.

Pack a picnic
The holidays can get a bit hectic, and you can quickly lose sight of its essence. Individuals can get wrapped up in hosting and entertaining their guests, and may not spend a lot of time with their S.O. Surprise your significant other and plan out a romantic picnic for the day.  Place your favourite snacks, treats and booze in a picnic basket and head out to a scenic area that will bring you both the most peace and satisfaction. This will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and share your new year’s resolutions.

Host a watch party
Boxing day is not only about the shopping, but it is also a sports-centred day where you can pick from an NFL, NBA, Cricket or sailing match to watch. Invite few mates to grab a spot of the sofa and help you finish off your Christmas leftovers as you cheer on your team.  Ask them to BYOB and offer up the duty of playing the mixologist/bartender for the day. If you need to get out of the house for a bit, grab a spot at your favourite sports bar.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your Boxing Day, be sure to relax, enjoy and have fun!

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