Impacts infestations can have on your home

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Pests don’t make for a great dinner party topic, but we can tell you that they are on the minds of most homeowners. Every dirty little detail plays on our minds; you either have a horror story of your own, or have nightmares about the ones you have heard. But you don’t have to fear them if you know what you are up against, and how they can damage your home if they are given an inch. Don’t believe us? Find out just how much an infestation can impact your home and some ideas about termite treatments.

Physical damage

Pests do a lot more than scuttle around and give you the creeps. They also cause structural damage to your physical home if you don’t find the right pest control in Frankston. Rodents will enter your home by expanding or making small holes, and when they are inside they will continue the damage. It is in their nature to nest, and they will find out of sight places to set up and begin breeding. Unfortunately your pest threats don’t end there. Termites are another pest that keeps homeowners up at night. If not managed and removed, termites can do untold damage to your interior and exterior structures. Many poor homeowners have fallen victim to termites and lost their homes.


Nothing resonates quite like money, especially lost money. If you do not eradicate your pests in the window you have, you may be looking to take a cut when it comes time to sell your property. Don’t be left with no profit (or worse, a loss) because you failed to take action when you saw signs of pest infestations in your home. When a prospective buyer puts in a bid on your house, they will learn of the pest damage that your home may or may not have anyway. Don’t wait for the surprise and lose a good lead – take it into your own hands now so you can look forward to selling.

Health implications

We spend so much time in our homes. Sleeping, eating, and generally resting before and after the daily hustle. Your house may not be the safest place to do this if you have a pest infestation that is not being managed. Don’t allow yourself or your family to get sick with pest-born diseases from the germs that are brought in by those unwelcome pests. Claim back your home and take charge of your pest infestation before they sink their claws into your immune system.

Garden and landscaping

Insects may be small, but they certainly pack a punch, especially when it comes to your garden and landscaping design. Anyone who has spent time in the garden knows that lawn pride? Doesn’t just happen by accident. If you don’t run a tight ship outdoors, you may have insects and small animals wreaking havoc on your garden and even eating away all your hard work. This can be avoided with sprays and a thorough visit from your local pest control. Don’t leave it too long, because insects can build in numbers all too quickly.


Don’t be left pondering all the things you could have done. If you had just called for pest control when you first noticed the damage! You only live in one home, and it shouldn’t be a place that you share with disease-carrying pests who are determined to damage your surroundings and get you sick.