Boxed alcohol is back – but not like you know it

Boxed alcohol gin

Boxed drinks makes you think one thing – goon.

But shake off those nightmares; this is so much better – and far more useful. The days of boxed alcohol are back upon us thanks to the Mandatory Spirit Co. who’ve deigned now the time to release vodka and gin in a stackable, handy new format (think ideal for parties).

With a very low carbon footprint, BIB is the lowest of any liquor packaging and is designed to extend the shelf life of products. By using a lightweight box shape, dead space is minimised whilst also maximising transport capacity. In comparison, one truck transporting BIB holds the same volume as 7 trucks carrying glass bottles, therefore lowering emissions and transport costs for a more eco-friendly beverage.

Being an Australian owned company, Mandatory Spirit Co. have designed these Vodka and Gin spirits to cater especially for Aussies. The new Mandatory Spirit Co spirits range is sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan and is a perfect summertime addition as the weather warms up. 

Each box contains 1.5 litres and can be nabbed for $84.95 from retailers