LGBT+ theatre entertainment for Mardi Gras in Sydney: Darlinghurst Theatre Company launches Darlo Sessions

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The Darlo in Sydney is redefining what the theatre can be for for audiences and performers. And no time like the present with the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras upon us.

Known for removing barriers, the company will be launching ‘Darlo Sessions’ on Friday, 26 February over three weekends to introduce a lush new way to experience Australia’s live music scene. 

To celebrate, we’re spotlighting the amazing queer and gender-diverse performers involved to celebrate the incredible music that they’re creating.

It’s an amazing platform for emerging and established queer and gender-diverse artists to experiment in the iconic space, with each night showcasing two artist performances at 7pm and 9pm, allowing patrons to treat themselves to a specially aligned double bill. 

Head along to see artists like:

Tickets start from $35 and can be purchased through the Darlinghurst Theatre Company, back up top.